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  • The garden's a mess!

  • I want a tidy garden to come home to.

  • I haven't got the time, or desire to get into those weeds. 

  • I'm getting a bit past it to keep up the garden.



Here is the plan!


  1. Contact me and let me know how I can help. Contact details .

  2. I will visit to see where I can help.  


About Barry

  • Farming background

  • Dad had a massive vegetable garden.
    Mum had roses. Kids had piles of peas to shell

  • Bachelor of Agriculture. Diploma of Agriculture.
    Certificate of Horticulture

  • Foreman on large subtropical orchard

  • Owned organic Market garden
    (BioGro registered)

  • Pastor and Chaplain to people with
    Major Mental illnesses

  • Blogger and Social Media guy. Check out Turning the Page

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